Rangoon Oil & Selvyt

Rangoon Cleaning Kit


Rangoon Oil & Selvyt Polishing Cloth RS-001-100

Rangoon oil has been used as anti-rust oil for more than 150 years by the best English gun manufacturers such as Holland & Holland and others. The oil has unique anti-rust properties and evaporates extremely slowly, which was a necessity in the jungles of India and Burma. Rangoon Oil is particularly suitable as a rust-preventing oil for long-term storage of weapons, but also the obvious companion both during a rainy elk hunt in Sweden and during a buffalo hunt in the Zambezi.

Selvyt's world-leading plaster and polishing cloths, in woven 100% unbleached cotton velvet. The polishing cloth gently removes dust and dirt. Used for leather, wood, metal, and more. Perfect for polishing your weapon. When your Selvyt cloth starts to get dirty, wash it in the washing machine and it's ready again!

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