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Shotgun & Double rifle holster Matetsi


Shotgun & Double rifle holster "Matetsi"

Handmade gun slip for shotguns and double rifles in the highest quality leather, made in Italy.

Full padding that protects your rifle during travel and transport. The leather is waxed and waterproof to offer the best possible protection. Beautiful detail work in seams and fittings. The case is equipped with a high-quality zipper and the seams are carefully examined to create a feeling of quality throughout. Comes with a carrying strap that can be attached and removed as needed. Use it well and often for to create a personal patina.

The gun slip is available in two sizes, depending on the design of your rifle.

We also manufacture custom-made rifle slips according to your wishes. Read more under the section "Custom made" and contact us for more information.

Care & materials

Afrikanska Kompaniet's products are handmade in Italy with premium quality leather. Leather is a natural material and there can sometimes be textural or shading variations in the surface. Any flaws and veins are a confirmation of the leather's naturalness. These are natural characteristics and representative of the leather's unique, individual beauty and evidence of its genuine origin. Time and use will give the material a beautiful patina.

Shade differences may occur as each skin tends to absorb color differently. If the product gets wet from rain or snow, let it dry in a room temperature environment and NOT on a heat source. Any visible rain spots can usually (but not always) be eliminated with the help of a soft brush wool/cotton cloth.

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